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Director of Internet Strategies, Mark S. Marsh, speaks on Blackfunnel.

Beginning in the 1990’s and exploding after 2000, Hip Hop and  Urban culture has entrenched itself into the American and world culture.  The growth in this market marked the beginning of a powerful Urban Phenomenon. To tap this growing market,  Mark S. Marsh founder and CEO of MSMNet, Inc., a City of Chicago Certified MBE, created the Internet Marketing Model MSMNet InterMedia™ ...........Get the full story here.

Black Funnel and Phatboy Media Inc. (Phialdelphia) have come to together to establish Phunnel Creative. Phunnel was specifically organized to provide affordable and highly-effective support to those businesses that are not maximizing their potential gross revenues due to inadequate attention to marketing. This includes any business whose expenditures for marketing do not equal and/or exceed 10% of their gross annual revenues.

Phunnel Creative Sprecoalise inWeb Design and Development, Web Hosting, Database Management and other services, we offer our clients and partners completely integrated solutions or individual services.

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Blackfunnel is looking for your talents!...........Currently conducting profile interviews for 2005!

Each month, Blackfunnel.net will profile talented musicians, artists, filmmakers, authors and performers from all urban genres. Through strengthened partner relationships, and with Blackfunnel.net technology, we have engineered the online marketing model for all of your talents -- allowing you (even without major label or product distribution associations) to bring your creations directly to the consumer.  

If you are a talented individual or group, and would like to be considered for upcoming interviews, please contact us here..  .We want to hear from you!