Director of Internet Strategies, Mark S. Marsh speaks on

 He also created the Blackfunnel.Net brand of Internet Access to harness the Marketing power of the MSMNet InterMedia™ Model.

The Internet Merged with Mass Media is what defines MSMNet InterMedia™. MSMNet InterMedia™ Solutions Represent a More Productive Way To Profitably Reach More Paying Consumers More Often with Advertising Content.

This plan introduces a powerful new use of Marketing Technology. The MSMNet InterMedia™ venture is prepared to deliver additional value for advertisers and generate for investors unparalleled ROI.

The MSMNet InterMedia™ Venture provides branded E-Commercial Content for Advertisers. This service takes the established brand image of an advertiser and merges it with Web-Based advertising with E-Coupon capability, a patented Video Streaming Process and online financial transactions. This can be in the form of taking orders online while their commercial is being aired or allowing a television viewer/radio listener to execute a buying decision while hearing a commercial on the radio or television.

Blackfunnel.Net is the platform for Advertisers’ Urban Internet Marketing and is positioned as their partner in Marketing to this fast growing segment.

We gather opt-in prospect and customer data and use it as a revenue-generating asset. We do this using our Internet Access Service. Service features include, Nationwide 56K Internet Access, free email Accounts, World Wide Web mail with advertising content featuring E-Coupon Technology (SM), online billing and account management for ease of use, free Web space, stock watcher, and local/national weather.

Blackfunnel helps retailers solve dilemmas concerning retail-floor traffic flow, by generating new demand for products and services. Blackfunnel is available in all of the Major U.S. Markets making it attractive for regional or national marketing campaigns.

This service comes with “Control Panel” technology allowing major affiliate Partners to monitor all new customers and profits 24/7. Blackfunnel adds value for advertisers and opens the door for new advertisers that would traditionally be excluded from Mass Media advertising.

Blackfunnel helps broadcast stations get more dollars out of advertisers and promotes listener/viewer loyalty. Using the MSMNet InterMedia ™ model, Blackfunnel delivers more gross impressions out of the advertising dollar. Companies pour billions of dollars into campaigns to promote their products and services. Blackfunnel.Net gives them the competitive advantage they need.

As CEO, I believe that my nearly 20 years’ Information Technology, experience, education, and passion for success serve as a solid foundation for this venture. In addition, I have put together an Advisory Team consisting of Accountants, Lawyers, Consultants, a CIO, and Experts in Technology Delivery. Each team member’s contribution is invaluable to the success of the MSMNet InterMedia™ Venture featuring Blackfunnel.Net.

Operating in Chicago has the advantage of a Mayor who has developed a most progressive business environment. The technology labor pool is robust and the education infrastructure very strong with institutions such as University of Chicago, IL and nearby Northwestern University.

MSMNet is seeking partners such as facilities-based Telecommunications Companies, Cable and Satellite Networks, as well as National Radio/TV networks to capture the Urban market.

Mission Statement

The Mission of BlackFunnel.Net is to provide millions of American’s with easy access to both Urban Entertainment Content and Internet Access. In addition, BlackFunnel seeks to be a viable platform for advertisers to dynamically reach this growing on-line community with their branded messages.

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