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Timeless Digital Entertainment / Capturing the Urban Moment

Timeless Digital Entertainment (TDE) is a digital media company located in Chicago Illinois. They leverage all forms of digital media, including photography, video, music, animation, computer-based multimedia and Internet based streaming media to create innovative productions for all of their clients...... Get the full story here.


Internet Access

White Boy

Carl R. Boyd

Helen's Style Store

Tyree Cooper

Kawanda Jackson


Bishop T.D. Jakes

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Your Online Business

Hip Hop Summit

Rap Artist - JKruger


Blackfunnel is looking for your talents!...........Currently conducting profile interviews for 2008!

Each month, Black funnel.net will profile talented musicians, artists, filmmakers, authors and performers from all urban genres. Through strengthened partner relationships and with Blackfunnel.net technology, we have engineered the online marketing model for all of your talents -- allowing you (even without major label or product distribution associations) to bring your creations directly to the consumer.  

If you are a talented individual or group, and would like to be considered for upcoming interviews, please contact us here..  .We want to hear from you!